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Debate Grows Over Employer Health Plans Without Hospital Benefits

i i There’s just one catch: hospital care isn’t covered. iStockphoto hide caption itoggle caption iStockphoto There’s just one catch:… Continue reading »

To Prevent Repeat Hospitalizations, Talk To Patients

Kevin Wiehrs is a nurse in Savannah, Ga. But instead of giving patients shots or taking blood pressure readings, his… Continue reading »

Avoid The Rush! Some ERs Are Taking Appointments

Michael Granillo and his wife Sonia await treatment at an emergency room in Northridge, Calif. Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News… Continue reading »

Insurance Brokers Key To Kentucky’s Obamacare Success

i i David Combs, an insurance broker in Kentucky, wound up benefiting from the Affordable Care Act, even though early… Continue reading »

Congress Quietly Extends The Budget — Past Election Day, Anyway

This week on Capitol Hill, a proposal to aid Syrian rebels got all the drama, while the larger government funding… Continue reading »

Health Law Tempers States’ Insurance Mandates

i i Is that health service covered? iStockphoto hide caption itoggle caption iStockphoto Is that health service covered? iStockphoto For… Continue reading »

Can I Buy Insurance After Being Injured In An Accident?

i i Now that the federal health law forbids denial of insurance for pre-existing condition, some people have wondered if… Continue reading »

Replacing An Ambulance With A Station Wagon

i i Eric Bleeker and a partner respond to 911 calls in this vehicle. The medical team can run simple… Continue reading »

Health Law Gets Reprieve As Appeals Court Agrees To Rehear Key Case

The controversial federal court decision that threatened the future of the Affordable Care Act is no more. The full District… Continue reading »