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Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-K.Y. (left), and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, speak to members of the media… Continue reading »

Veterans Helped By Obamacare Worry About Republican Repeal Efforts

Less than half of the 22 million veterans in the U.S. get their health care through the Veterans Affairs system…. Continue reading »

Q&A: What Does The Senate Health Bill Mean For Me?

The ongoing debate over health care has many people wondering how changes will affect their coverage. Fanatic Studio/Collection Mix: Sub/Getty… Continue reading »

CHART: CBO Weighs Who Wins, Who Loses With Senate Health Care Bill

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office weighed in on the Senate health care bill on Monday, saying that 22 million people… Continue reading »

What The Man Who Ran Obamacare Thinks About The Republican Health Care Plan

Andy Slavitt was in charge of running the federal agency that oversees the Affordable Care Act from 2015 to 2017…. Continue reading »

How The Senate Health Care Bill Could Disrupt The Insurance Market

Some lawmakers are raising concern that the Senate health care bill could aggravate the problem of healthy people going without… Continue reading »

Republicans’ Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Hit Rural Patients Hard

Pemiscot Memorial, the public hospital in one of Missouri’s poorest counties, depends on Medicaid funding to survive, its CEO says…. Continue reading »

CHART: Who Wins, Who Loses With Senate Health Care Bill

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell eaves the chamber after announcing the release of the Republicans’ health care bill on Thursday…. Continue reading »

CEOs Say They’ll Sell Health Insurance Next Year, But Are Flying Blind

Mario Schlosser, CEO of the startup Oscar Health, says he’s optimistic that Congress will come up with a humane health… Continue reading »

Just Lost Your Job? COBRA May Be Your Best Health Insurance Strategy Now

Shifting messages from the U.S. Congress have left many would-be entrepreneurs, and workers who’ve recently been laid off, wondering how… Continue reading »