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Kaiser Permanente CEO Says A Bipartisan Health Bill Is The Best Way Forward

Bernard Tyson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, is optimistic about a bipartisan health bill. He cautions that partisanship will only lead… Continue reading »

Now What? 5 Looming Challenges For The Affordable Care Act

Republicans in Congress say they haven’t given up on getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. They’re just switching tactics…. Continue reading »

‘Millions’ Fewer Would Have Coverage Under GOP Health Bill, Says CBO Analysis

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., continues to tweak the health care bill he cosponsors in an effort to persuade reluctant senators… Continue reading »

Biggest Flash Points In The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

Two-year-old Robbie Klein of West Roxbury, Mass., has hemophilia, a medical condition that interferes with his blood’s ability to clot… Continue reading »

Uncertainty Over Health Care Law’s Future Hobbles Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Stinson Dean (left) and his wife Stephanie play with their three children in their yard in Independence, Mo. He… Continue reading »

Meet Your Friends Who Get Medicaid

Protesters rally against Medicaid cuts in front of the U.S. Capitol in June. Medicaid is the nation’s largest health insurance… Continue reading »

5 Americans Talk About How A Health Law Overhaul Would Affect Them

Charlene Yurgaitis gets health insurance through Medicaid in Pennsylvania. It covers the counseling and medication she and her doctors say… Continue reading »

A Tale Of 2 States: How California And Texas May Fare Under GOP Health Plan

AILSA CHANG, HOST: The Senate is taking one more stab at repealing the Affordable Care Act. Republicans say they’ll vote… Continue reading »

Advocates Say Seniors With Obamacare Need More Time To Switch To Medicare

Some people seeking Medicare penalty waivers have experienced delays at their local Social Security Administration offices. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide… Continue reading »

Graham-Cassidy Health Bill Would Shift Funds From States That Expanded Medicaid

Senate Republicans’ latest plan to overhaul the U.S. health care system ends with a massive shift of federal money from… Continue reading »