Are You Ready to Rehire an Injured Worker?

Here’s a unfolding for you: one of your best employees is injured, therefore he takes time off. After a month of recovery, he is prepared to get behind on a job. Now, it is your shortcoming to rehire a harmed worker.

Before we go forward and concede things to go behind to normal, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make certain we have determined a rehiring procedure. If not, we might be faced with a justice case, or even aloft payouts to a harmed employee.
  • Your workman contingency be privileged by their medicine to come behind to work.
  • Coordinate with a workman and physicians to follow a liberation process. The some-more “in a loop” we are, a improved of an bargain we will have of a employees’ damage and recovery.
  • Have we looked into a return-to-work program? An effective RTW module might be means to revoke your reward and make transition behind into work most easier on a harmed worker.
  • Be wakeful of sovereign and state regulations when it comes to workers comp. It is bootleg to glow an harmed workman since he or she has requested workers comp!

It is critical that we are 100% certain that a workman is prepared to come back, or else another damage could be in sight! The final thing we need is another few months but your best employee. Not to mention, workers remuneration in California can get costly if employees are consistently injured. To keep your reward low and your employees in good shape, it is best to play it safe.


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