Avoid a Claim: On-the-Job Ladder Safety Tips

Do your employees use ladders on an bland basis? If this is a case, this post is dedicated to you! According to OSHA, it is estimated that there are as many as approximately 25,000 falls due to stairway and ladder use while on a pursuit and about 36 fatalities per year. With such shocking statistics, it is critical for business owners to pass along reserve tips and training to their employees.

To help, a group has put together a list of reserve tips:

  • Always review and follow warning labels and instructions on a ladder.
  • Keep steel ladders divided from electrical lines.
  • Always keep dual hands and one feet on a ladder OR dual feet and one hand. Three points should always be in hit with a ladder.
  • Keep ladders divided from sleazy surfaces (rugs, soppy areas, etc.)
  • Never pierce or change a ladder while another worker is on it.
  • Never surpass a limit bucket rating of a ladder.
  • Using a confident or prolongation ladder? Make certain all thatch are secured!

Keeping injuries on a pursuit to a smallest will not usually safeguard a protected workplace though fewer claims done opposite your company’s workers remuneration plan. It’s a win/win for everyone!


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