Get a Move on with Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk!

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How are those healthy new year resolutions entrance along? If have motionless to get active this year, we have a good activity for you! Join in on a fun in Downtown Los Angeles for The Downtown Art Walk!

This eventuality is a open eventuality for all ages and is totally free. It is hold a second Thursday of each month and takes place on Spring and Main streets between 2nd and 9th streets. If we are a partner of art, activities and looking to get in an additional travel for a day, this is a eventuality for you!

This eventuality is also a good time to accommodate adult with friends and other locals. If we are looking to eat, there are copiousness of places to break and dine. Great business event for all a internal restaurants!

If we are a internal business in this area, we inspire we to support other vendors and your village by interlude by a Art Walk! If we are interested, we can always stop by a place of business and demeanour into a California business insurance quote, too!


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