Lowering Your Health Insurance Costs

Save on Health InsuranceHealth insurance coverage has been on a steady rise over the past decade and is expected to rise even further into the future. There are government programs that run concurrent to the plans in the health insurance marketplace but the common strain in all of these has been rising costs. Many consumers have been forced to look for new ways to amass savings on their health insurance plans. Here are some expert tips that you can use to reduce your health insurance costs:

Negotiate with your health insurance providers

Not many buyers are aware that they can negotiate health insurance coverage plans so as to get better deals and save on health insurance premiums. For example, you can negotiate to adopt a higher deductible and obtain lower rates for your monthly insurance premium payments.  Higher out-of-pocket fees are always the best option to save on your insurance coverage.  There are doctors who offer patients highly discounted rates if they make payments on the spot and this pile up to help you save on health insurance premiums. Many medical providers are usually ready to negotiate and help find the best way to offset your medical bills.

Keep records

It is important to keep your health records. You can qualify for some deductibles. For example, medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of the Adjusted Gross Income will qualify for a tax deduction. Self-employed people that pay their own health insurance premiums have fully deductible insurance costs.

Getting your insurer to pay more costs

You can get your insurer to foot more of your coverage. For example, if your insurer is refusing to make payments on certain health coverage, you can take it through an appeals process to try and make a reversal. Appeals are usually successful 50% of the time.

Closing the gaps on your health insurance plan

It is important to carry out an appraisal of your health insurance plan and close any gaps that may be costing you a fortune. This is one of the best ways to save on health insurance premiums.  Strike out the aspects of the insurance coverage that are unnecessary. You have to learn how to pick the right plan so as to minimize costs. Avoid the insurance coverage plans that are overly expensive.  If you are facing some financial strains, you can purchase supplement plans that are less expensive.  The supplement plans cover many of the ancillary costs that would usually inflate the costs of medical coverage.  This closes some of the coverage gaps and helps you cover costs such as the deductibles, co-pays along with various other expenses.

Find a patient advocate

Patient advocates can help you reduce the costs significantly. The patient advocate will accomplish amongst other things, negotiating with the insurers on your behalf, scouring your medical bills to determine which of the costs can be eliminated, and the filing of the appeals process.  It is important to evaluate the cost of the patient advocate services vis-a-vis the costs to be eliminated to ensure you are not incurring extra costs on your health insurance.