Healthcare Marketplace also called Healthcare Exchange
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You can get health insurance AND MediGap insurance quotes any time – right here.

Simply enter your ZIP code and age in the box to your right – and get immediate, FREE Health Insurance/MediGap quotes from major insurance companies.

Then you choose what’s best for you.

The Health Marketplace is a novel way to seek out health insurance coverage that will fit your budget and meet your needs as well. You only have to fill out one application and you can then see all your options and enroll into a health insurance plan.

Basically, it is simply a place for private insurers to apply for, and if they qualify – meeting stringent rules – they will be able to list their policies on

Can you get lower costs on your monthly premiums for private insurance plans? Maybe. Time will tell. We think that the private insurance companies will want to remain competitive. Health insurance plans are very lucrative for insurers.

Health Insurance plans will be offered by private companies, and they cover the same core set of benefits called essential health benefits. No plan can turn you away or charge you more because you have an illness or medical condition. They must cover treatments for these conditions. For example, plans cannot charge women more than men for the same plan.



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