Hold a Safety Seminar for Your Employees This Season!

When is a final time we hold a reserve convention for your employees? For those of we who have NEVER looked into reserve seminars, now would be a good time to do so! One of a best programs to demeanour into: OSHA Compliance Workplace Safety.

Why should we demeanour into this form of seminar? It’s simple: both we and your employees will learn so much! Here are only a few things we will learn:

  • A consummate bargain of OSHA standards and how to comply;
  • Tips and recommendation on how to revoke a series of accidents and injuries on a job;
  • How to equivocate OSHA fines;
  • How to boost your reserve training effectiveness;
  • Effective medicine measures to keep employees/customers safe;
  • How to commend warning signs of worker violence;
  • And most more…

So are we prepared to attend a convention this summer? We wish so!

Once we have attended, we might wish to pronounce with an word agent. Some agencies will yield a bonus for those who attend reserve seminars; quite a mangle on your California workers compensation premium. Be certain to ask!


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