Pop quiz: Auto word edition

There are a few things we competence consider we know about your automobile word policy, though are not 100% sure.  Here is a discerning ask to see what we indeed know and what we competence learn:

1. Does your automobile process cover repairs finished to your possess car?
B. No
C. Sometimes

Answer: C. Sometimes.  If we have extensive and collision coverage on your policy, we will be lonesome for repairs to your car.  But remember that extensive and collision coverage is not always automatically enclosed in a customary policy.  Check with your representative to see what we now have.

2. If we are concerned in an collision and a other celebration does not have insurance, we will not be means to compensate for indemnification or injuries with your automobile policy
True,  False or Maybe…

Answer: Maybe.  If we squeeze Uninsured Underinsured Motorists word for your automobile word policy, it will compensate for any indemnification or injuries postulated during an accident.  

3. Meeting a smallest mandate for Louisiana automobile word will give me full coverage.
True or False

Answer: False.  Many people are artificial to consider that a smallest is all they will need to be totally insured on a roads.  Unfortunately, a smallest usually provides coverage for third parties and has boundary that competence be most reduce than we think.  Complying with a law is great, though we competence need to ascent your word if we wish to get a full coverage we consider we already have.  

If we are in a marketplace for automobile word or wish to speak about upgrading your stream policy, give us a call.  We can tell we all a options accessible to assistance get we a coverage we are looking for.  Stay protected out there on a roads and stay insured!


Article source: http://www.cunningham-financialgroup.com/about-us/our-blog/pop_quiz_auto_insurance_edition


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