Sharing a History of a Telephone to Celebrate National Telephone Day

Today is National Telephone Day. The write is an invention that has altered a communication methods. This product has developed and has turn a tack in a bland lives. A write is not usually a prerequisite for many people and businesses, it is a approach of joining to desired ones that are distant divided and creation certain people are safe.  

When we call your local Shreveport insurance agency, we wish to yield a best use on that write and wish to applaud a significance of a telephone. All in all, here are some ways telephones have developed over a years. 

  • The glass transmitter- 1876
  • The Strowger-1899
  • Stromberg-Carlson Desk Set 1900
  • Hungarian Telephone- 1937
  • Rotary Phone- 1950
  • Videophone- 1960
  • Dutch Phone- 1975
  • Motorola DynaTAC 8000X- 1983- The initial mobile phone line!
  • Touch Tone Phone- 1985
  • Cordless Phone- 1990
  • Cell phones turn popular- 1999
  • Touch Screen Phones-2008
  • Video Calling/ Computer Phones- 2009-Today

There are many kinds of phones via a history, though currently we applaud a fact that this product altered a approach we promulgate with any other. From discerning conversations to digital conversations to content messaging to video calling, telephones have made a culture. 

As your internal Shreveport insurance agency, we wish to make certain your home and your products such as telephones are insured and protected. Call an representative currently to make certain your skill is protected. And applaud National Telephone Day with us by appreciating a clever communication it brings to a multitude each day. 


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