The Dangers of Prolonged Standing

Do your workers have to mount for enlarged durations of time? Although there might not seem to be too many risks fundamental in station in one place, your employees could be in risk of a series of health problems, including back, flesh and corner pain, varicose veins and fatigue. Help your employees suffer improved enlarged tenure health and your business might see a advantages of reduced workers’ remuneration costs on your Shreveport insurance.

Here are some suggestions to assistance extent a repairs caused by excessive durations of standing for your employees:

• Give employees a choice to pierce between a accumulation of positions, from sitting to station via their day.

• Make certain worker workstations are set adult as effectively as probable to revoke a risk of injuries and that they can be customized to fit opposite heights.

• Provide copiousness of breaks and opportunities to lay down via a day.

• Provide a feet rail or feet rest so that workers can change weight from one leg to another.

• Anti-fatigue matting might assistance revoke some of a side effects of enlarged station for your employees.

Look after your employees and we can hopefully advantage from a healthier, some-more prolific workforce and reduced claims on your association workers’ remuneration policy. Speak to your Shreveport insurance representative to find out some-more about how we might be means to save income on your workers’ remuneration and other forms of insurance.


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