Trump Faces Most Consequential Day Of His Presidency So Far

President Trump met with truckers and industry CEOs at the White House on Thursday regarding health care.

Andrew Harnik/AP

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Andrew Harnik/AP

Throughout the campaign, President Trump billed himself as a master negotiator who would make the “best deals” for the American people.

That reputation and the reach of the president’s bully pulpit face a tough test Friday after he gave House Republicans an ultimatum to vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — or leave Obamacare in place.

Trump Ultimatum For House GOP: Vote On Health Bill Or Affordable Care Act Stands

A vote is now expected sometime Friday afternoon, though the GOP plan known as the American Health Care Act still remains in limbo as members on both the right and the center of the Republican caucus find parts of it difficult to stomach.

After a caucus meeting late Thursday, however, there were signs the stalemate was beginning to thaw. Some members suggested that the White House’s ultimatum might have pushed some legislators to

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