With ACA Plans A Tougher Sell, Insurers Bring On The Puppies

Can a puppy video get you to buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges? Florida Blue, a major insurer in that state, hopes the answer is yes.

“It’s hard to resist puppies, right? Let’s just be honest,” says Penny Shaffer, the insurer’s South Florida regional market president, who talked to WLRN’s Sammy Mack. In the video, puppies tumble while the announcer pitches, in Spanish, affordable plans and personalized service.

Shop Around: Subsidies May Offset Your 2018 Health Insurance Price Hike

According to a Commonwealth Fund analysis, Hispanics have seen the biggest increase in number of people insured of any ethnic group since the Affordable Care Act was passed. One zip code in the heart of Cuban Miami saw the most marketplace signups of any zip code in the country a couple of years ago. And market research shows that Latina women are very active video sharers.

5 Points To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Health Insurance This Year

Open enrollment for health insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchanges exchanges starts Wednesday. For anywhere from six weeks to a few months, depending on the state, people can buy plans on the individual markets for 2018.

But the Trump administration has cut the ACA advertising budget by 90 percent, as well as money to pay navigators, people who help customers pick a plan and enroll.

So across the country, municipalities, insurers and grassroots organizations are working even harder to to get the word out that the ACA is still in place. That explains the

Article source: http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/10/31/561124167/with-aca-plans-a-tougher-sell-insurers-bring-on-the-puppies?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=affordablecareact


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